Weird Al Yankovic - White & Nerdy
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white & nerdy // weird al yankovic

i’d like to roll with the gangsters
although it’s apparent i’m too white and nerdy

Lorde - Glory and Gore
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There’s a humming in the restless summer air
And we’re slipping off the course that we prepared
But in all chaos, there is calculation
Dropping glasses just to hear them

Some more Lorde for your ears!
Listen close, tis Lorde performing "Glory and Gore".

Ingrid Michaelson - Die Alone
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die alone // ingrid michaelson

i never thought i could love anyone but myself
now i know i can’t love anyone but you
you make me think that maybe i won’t die alone
maybe i won’t die alone

Marina and the Diamonds - Radioactive
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radioactive // marina and the diamonds

my heart is nuclear
love is all that i fear
i’m turning radioactive
my blood is radioactive

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Howard Shore, Billy Boyd - The Edge of Night (Pippin's Song)
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The Edge of Night

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Puela Magi Madoka Magica - this is the truth
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this is the truth

Puela Magi Madoka Magica - flame of despair
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Flame of Despair 

Devics - Salty Seas
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The salty seas behind the eye
And it’s the tears that come and make me cry
The falling leaf that never tries
To hold on to what keeps it alive.

"Salty Seas" - Devics

Valve - Rocket Jump Waltz
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